Pilates at the Core Pilates Studio

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Oh my, I haven’t posted anything in a while! Sorry about that, been quite busy.

I was asked to do some photography for the Core Pilates Studio in Neubaugasse, and the owner Olga generously invited me to join a class.

So yesterday I went there, and I am surprised I can still type! If you don’t know what it really is, Pilates may sound like some sort of light stretching, done mainly by bored housewives. But let me tell you, if that’s what you think it is you are soooo wrong.

First of all, the movements are much more complex than they look, and actually not that easy to follow and hold – at least not for me (but I am a bit … motorically challenged … ahem.)

There is also a difference (apparently?!?) between Pilates on a yoga mat and on a torture device, I mean, “Reformer”. The latter is a bit intimidating, it’s got lots of straps and chains and springs.

Like so:

What happens is you climb onto the reformer and insert various appendages into loops at the end of a rope. You then try to not look like an absolute idiot while following the instructions the best you can. At this point you already feel the effect this has on your muscles – I consider myself reasonably fit but I did feel a little muscle exhaustion pretty soon.

Olga guides you through the movements and demonstrates the difference between what you are supposed to do and what you are currently doing, patiently enough for someone like me to eventually get it.

A class is roughly an hour long, but there is no alarm bell at the end and you don’t feel like you are being rushed. Olga seriously knows her stuff and I would definitely recommend her. She speaks German, English and Russian, has a professional yet humorous approach and is just a pleasure to be around in general. The studio is tucked away in a courtyard just off Neubaugasse, and is probably the prettiest fitness-related space I have ever seen. Plus it’s so clean you could probably eat off the floor.

If you are looking for a really good way to get (back) in shape and would like a more personalized approach – as opposed to a group class of 20 people – this is the place to go.

You can check the studio out at the Pilates Tag on May 6th. More info is here