Vintage portraits in the style of the Roaring 20s

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I have long wanted to experiment a little more with lighting, and as the style of 1920s portraits (think Ziegfeld Follies, silver-screen divas) has always intrigued me, I went ahead and created a few photos to test my setup for an upcoming portrait event.

Luckily, my model Eleonore (who also did the makeup) naturally has an elegant air about her and it seemed easy for her to assume the personality and elegance of a diva from 100 years ago.

Vesna did her hair, and together with some pieces from my studio wardrobe, lots of screechy old jazz playlists from Youtube, bare flashes, me swearing at the soft focus of my 85mm lens (which in the end was a blessing more than a curse) and of course a little Photoshop magic we managed to pull off some quite convincing photos I’d say!

Are you interested in getting your portrait taken like this as well? Then get your Tickets here or follow the link to the Facebook event 🙂

Hair: Vesna Milutinovic

Makeup: Eleonore Kathi

Styling: team effort, but most of the pieces are mine and styled by me