An intimate wedding in the Viennese vineyards

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So I’ve finally got my ish together and am updating my website, aka giving it a much nicer layout and better galleries! (Big shoutout to the hubs, you’re a lifesaver!)

This also means that I don’t have any excuse not to blog anymore… Not sure how I feel about that haha

Anyway, a few weeks ago I photographed this super sweet, intimate wedding at the Schreiberhaus on the outskirts of Vienna. This area is surrounded by vineyards, with many of the restaurants making their own wine. (These are called Heurigen restaurants and are an absolute must-visit if you are in Vienna anytime between April and October!)

The bride, Ouafa, is Algerian and her groom Thorsten is German, making this a lovely intercultural wedding. They are both whip smart people, her being a cardiologist with more degrees than fingers, and him being a computer scientist! I particularly loved Ouafa’s knee-length wedding dress, the cute paper rose bouquet and boutonniere; and the nautical decor on the tables hinting at Thorsten’s Northern German heritage.

Plus, the love between them was palpable throughout the day. Congratulations you two!