A cute courthouse wedding in Purkersdorf near Vienna

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Michael and Andrea’s courthouse ceremony is a perfect example of a brave, cool, and “rock n roll” wedding.

They’ve been together for 30 years, enjoying each other, their horses, and Abarth cars. On their big day, they did pretty much everything their way – and had the best time!

We met at 7:45 AM at the town hall in Purkersdorf and they tied the knot at 8:00 AM, surrounded by just their two witnesses. After the ceremony, they were serenaded by the best man and his guitar, drank some champagne (and insisted I have a bit too, as well as some chocolates, which made for an interesting breakfast) and then drove to Lake Garda with their witnesses for a short double-date honeymoon vacation, hence the super early start to the day.

The coolest bit, for me, was that instead of wedding rings they had their initials tattooed on their ring fingers AND their wrists. The rings you see here? They’ve had them for ages and just exchanged them as a gesture.

And they only told their friends and family they got married when they came back from their vacation!

I truly loved working with them and you can just see the emotion radiating from their photos. My favourite couples are those that are absolutely head over heels in love and these two had the extra bonus of being super cute, in love, and nervous after 30 years together!

They specifically asked for black and white photos so I gave them colour and black and white versions of each photo, and ended up loving the black and white most myself, so here’s a black and white wedding gallery 🙂