Meet me by the bridge at sunrise….

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Oh, how I love London! We often fly into Stansted or Heathrow, but we usually continue our journey north to where my husband’s family live, and don’t stay in London. So it had been a whooping 20 years since I had last been to the city!

Yes, I did a little bit of touristing, but the highlight of my trip was this photoshoot by Tower Bridge with the stunning Larissa Bonaci, an actress originally from Malta and now making it work in London. I got up at quarter to five (and if you know me, you’ll know that’s NOT my favourite time of day) and made my way towards Tower Bridge. Before Larissa and the makeup artist arrived, I was rewarded with lovely golden light inching its way over the horizon and maybe, just maybe, cried a little tear of joy.

The photoshoot went amazing if I do say so myself, and we’re all pretty happy with the results. I will certainly be back in London soon, and look forward to more portrait sessions!

You can find Larissa here , the makeup artist Morgana Girardi here , and the beautiful necklace and earrings Larissa is wearing come from Yana’s Jewellery – you can find her here .