My first try in a new studio [NSFW]

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Since we moved house in December – to be exact the last batch of our furniture arrived on Christmas Eve! – we don’t have our “own” studio anymore, but we have a cute little house that is all ours and that we don’t have to get ready for clients. This means of course that I have to test the rental studios in Vienna, to see which ones work for me and how I get along with them.

Shooting in a rental studio is a little like sleeping in a hotel: everything is clean and prepared, everything works (ideally), but it’s not quite like home 🙂 but after a short period of adjustment I was pretty ok in the first studio I tried out and the result was these photos with my dear model Käthe! Makeup is by Per Oculum Ars. Assisting with the shoot and partially responsible for the styling was Erin.

The colours aren’t coloured flashes by the way, but a little editing trick 😉 but I definitely want to try out coloured flashes. I am really glad to have a bit of a reason to “play around”, I have been neglecting that.  So there will be a bit of creative work coming soon!