Gothic Wedding Inspiration at the Cemetery

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Autumn, the time when you feel the first chill in the air and wake up to beautiful golden light, is also the time when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead wears thin…
Wiccan rituals, the beauty of nature, and a spirit of gratitude and introspection inspired this styled shoot, as well as my past experience with the Gothic scene.
We wanted to create a wedding inspiration that was truly unique, fitted the city we live in, and reflected personality rather than just some neat but meaningless styling.

So how does this Goth theme fit Vienna? Well, traditionally, the Viennese have an intimate connection – fueled by literature and drama – to all things kinda morbid, and people even have picnics amongst the graves on the central cemetery.
Our location, the Concordia Schloessl, (Schloessl meaning “little palace”) is not only right next to the cemetery, it is also a registered wedding venue – so you can have your official registrar wedding there – and it’s famous for its huge selection of traditional Viennese Schnitzel specialities.

This setting, combined with the heavy Bohemian crystal plates, black candles and red satin, made for the perfect nod to traditional, whimsical and morbid Vienna.
Despite the dark theme, it was very important for me to showcase love, the joy of having found your person, and a wonderful celebration.
Our beautiful real couple conveyed the mood brilliantly, proving that even goths can smile 😉

Who’d like to get married like this? Let me know! I would love to photograph your wedding! And if you play Nine Inch Nails I might even hit the dancefloor after hours 😉

Vendors are:
Models: Cornelius and Luisa
Photography and styling:
Location: Concordia Schlössl
Flowers: Blumenkultur
Hair and makeup: Eleonore Kathi
Calligraphy: Kalligrafie mit Liebe
Cake: The Cake Tree
Jewelry: Schmuck Stück