Why should you get photos taken while you are getting dressed?

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As your photographer, it’s extremely important to me to capture all the details of your day. The perfect opportunity to start this is while you are getting ready (in this case, you = the bride, but this works with grooms as well!) I can photograph your shoes, jewelry, dress, flowers and so on. If you have bridesmaids, now’s the time for a cute photo of all of you together. Or maybe your mum and/or dad will be the first to see you all dressed up….

Your day will likely go by in a blur. Getting ready gives you one last opportunity to relax, calm your nerves, and enjoy getting pampered. It’s like the night before Christmas!

I also really like the storytelling effect of these photos, and the way they will look in an album 🙂

Here are a few photos of my most recent wedding (on January 2nd!)