Branding photos for a dentist’s practice specializing in children

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Andreea contacted me because she was looking for some new photos to put on her website after her dental practice had been repainted. I thought this was going to be a “regular” photoshoot but boy was I wrong! The practice specializes in kids, especially those who are afraid of the dentist (so basically all kids 😉 ) so they hired an artist to make it look like a jungle in the reception area, and a spaceship in the treatment room. You can really tell that they care about making their patients feel comfortable.

After the kids get a difficult tooth treated, they can leave a handprint on the walls, so they will be covered with little hands in no time! I obviously can’t speak to the quality of her work, but she and her lovely assistant were great to work with and super friendly.

If you’re looking to spruce up your online presence, let me know – I’d love to work with you and make your personality shine!