Classy boudoir with Jasmin

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I came across Jasmin while looking for a curvy model. As you may know, I am going to have a stand at the “Trau Dich” wedding fair here in Vienna, and while I will obviously be showcasing lots of wedding work, I don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to advertise bridal boudoir. So I was looking for a variety of models who would allow me to use their images, and who would let me play around with a few poses, settings and ideas – and Jasmin seemed like the perfect match. Her instagram is certainly worth following if you want to fill your feed with lovely bodypositive messages!

Her and I do have a few things in common – for example, we both had quite some body image issues in the past and are now much happier, even though we’ve gained weight. Or maybe because we have? We also both believe that whether you’re super thin, curvy, muscular, non-muscular, young, old, …. you deserve to love yourself and love your body and the things it can do for you. We’re often so focused on “improving ourselves” and picking ourselves apart that we forget to stop and be grateful for what we have.

Jasmin is also a language nerd, studied Sanskrit, and has a little son, for whom she will be a fantastic example of a courageous, intelligent and beautiful woman.

I’ll leave you with the pictures for now.

Have a great week, and don’t forget, you’re beautiful 🙂