A multicultural wedding at the Hotel Steinberger in Altlengbach

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Claudia and Marko got married end of August at the Hotel Steinberger in Altlengbach, right in the middle between Vienna and St. Pölten.

At this wedding, I especially enjoyed being around while the bride was getting ready, so I could take some nice detail photos (which I love). The couple also made a great effort and did a wonderful job with the decorations, the venue, and the outfits – everything was just beautiful to look at – and not only the couple, but the entire wedding party were wonderfully nice, loving and fun people. The ceremony itself was beautifully emotional, the vows were even read in German and Serbian to celebrate the merging of the bride’s and the groom’s cultures. I’d call this a wedding that was just perfectly done, and I’m very grateful I got to be a part of it!

This time, the weather was almost 100% cooperative, and for the couple’s portraits we had lovely golden sunlight filtered through some clouds and the thick foliage of the Vienna Woods. By the way, a wedding under cloudy skies is the dream of every wedding photographer, because that way we get lovely even light which doesn’t cast any hard shadows and doesn’t make anyone squint! So don’t worry if the forecast says “cloudy” 🙂

Here I photographed the getting ready, the ceremony, and the family and couple’s portraits as well as some decorations and details. All told I was there for about 4 hours – you don’t have to book me for an entire day, I am very happy to just photograph a few hours of your wedding, of course especially in the off season. Only very popular dates, for example the 20th of June 2020, are reserved for longer bookings. While this date is already taken, I do have some free weekends this year, and of course next year as well. Drop me a line if you are interested and we can meet for a coffee and a chat, no strings attached!