Calm before the Storm: Autumnal Portraits in Augarten, Vienna

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Bianca and I met one afternoon in the beautiful Augarten park in Vienna’s second district. By the time we had arrived at a nice location and taken some photos, we both could feel the storm brewing – and after she had changed outfits we were hit right in the face out of nowhere by a super strong gust of wind, mixed with sand from the ground, so I had no chance but to pack my camera away and make a beeline for some shelter!

So we had about 45 minutes in total to take photos, which I was initially worried about – but we ended up with quite a few nice portraits after all. It was great to shoot somewhere else for a change, as most of my outdoor sessions take place in more well-known areas such as Schönbrunn or Belvedere, but this seemingly unassuming park has a great atmosphere too!

Also, this shows that if there’s a good connection between the subject and the photographer, you don’t need that much time to take cool photos. That, among other things, is why it’s so important to me to meet clients at least on the phone before the shoot, so we can make sure we’re on the same page 🙂

Bianca is a model (she has worked for Gillette and the likes), and has a pretty cool Instagram related to her Vitiligo, being Deaf, and modeling. You can follow her here .