A beautiful wedding in tricky weather at Weingut Cobenzl

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Initially, Andreas and Simone had planned to get married in the garden of the Cobenzl winery as this location offers a fabulous view of Vienna. Unfortunately the weaher was very unstable, so we had to use the awning at the winery itself as protection from the rain. At first I was a little sad, because that view is of course priceless, but nobody wanted to get wet – least of all our cameras! So they set up the altar under this awning and the guests took their seats. The view might not have been as beautiful as we had hoped, but the Cobenzl team did a very good job setting everything up regardless. When the bride was walked to the altar by her father, it all could have taken place at a rubbish dump and nobody would have cared, because the ceremony (and those vows!) were so beautifully emotional that everything else became circumstantial. In those moments, I am always so grateful I can hide my face behind the camera because sometimes, one or two tears run down my cheeks…

Immediately after the ceremony it started raining, so we all hurried inside and took the couple’s and family portraits outside when the rain took a break. Luckily, I had my flash with me to add a little pizzazz to the portraits, because with no additional light they might have come out a bit dark in that weather.

The couple has a great passion for dancing and music, so before, during and after the ceremony we were treated to a top-notch brass concert – and during the reception, some excellent dancing by the couple and their guests! My personal favorite of the whole day was their son Julian who looked absolutely dapper in his cool outfit and “played along” very nicely the entire day.

And as they say, after the rain comes the rainbow….