Couple’s portraits with a dog at the Schreiberhaus

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Abby and Patrick got their partnership offcially registered in September. In Austria, both homosexual and heterosexual couples can either get married or become registered partners.

If you know me, you know that I am a firm believer in people (and couples) doing things their way. Life is way too short to try and meet other people’s expectations, or to cling to traditions you don’t identify with. So when Abby asked me to take some portraits of the two of them with their adorable dog Klaus on the day of their signing at the Schreiberhaus in the north of Vienna, I was immediately on board. We met just in time to catch some nice evening light, which was reinforced with an external flash by my husband Colin.

Getting a dog to sit or stand still is of course not the easiest thing in the world, but luckily Klaus is a very good boy and with a little coaxing, whistling and lots of praise we managed some nice photos. With his teal bowtie he was at least as chic as Abby and Patrick!

At this shoot I especially enjoyed having enough time, because the guests only arrived after we were done – this way, we had no stress and could concentrate on taking pretty (and funny and goofy) photos. Their outfits also matched the surroundings marvellously.

Abby and Patrick are not only lovely people but very talented artists too, and I am glad they chose me as their photographer 🙂